Fergie senior lends a hand

03 December 2010 11:00
Preston manager Darren Ferguson has called on his father for another favour after Sir Alex allowed his son's side to train at Manchester United's Carrington training ground. With Preston's own Springfields complex out of action due to the freezing weather, Ferguson junior was keen for his men not to miss out on some valuable time on the training ground ahead of a testing trip to Cardiff on Saturday. "We used one of Carrington's outdoor pitches which has undersoil heating on Tuesday. Then we trained on the indoor full-size pitch there," he told the Evening Post. "There's been no chance of using Springfields because of the cold weather, so this was the best alternative. "Most clubs will have been looking for suitable training facilities this week - we're no different. "We've got through a lot of work and hopefully we can apply ourselves well on Saturday."

Source: PA