Division In The Camp

04 July 2012 01:31
The season is still over six weeks away but already the fractions from last term are there for all to see.

Supporters were told that pre-season training would commence on 3 July with the squad set to be put through their paces. The thing is, that was only half the story.

The only players who arrived for training yesterday were signed by Graham Westley with the added exception of keeper Stuckmann. All the others had been signed by Westley since January.

The question was asked about the absence of the transfer listed players but Peter Risdale could only give the response that they were expected back next week if they were still employed by the club.

This week has been used as an induction week for the new players with Stuckmann present to help new keeper Richard Wright to settle in. Most will see this as a cover for the fact that Preston are working hard to cancel the contracts of the transfer listed players so they do not return just like with Tsoumou.

Clearly this will create divisions within the camp if players return next week including those expected to stay a while longer such as Mayor and Proctor. Iain Hume is understood to have been given an extended break due to his international schedule over the summer.


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