Chairman Cops Out

13 November 2010 01:08
Mairice Lindsay has stuck with the clan by backing Darren Ferguson to get Preston out of their worst start to a season in decades. Lindsay who gave a statement to the LEP almost managed to spout as much bullshit as Ferguson himself by blaming injuries for Preston's current plight. Reference was made to injuries to Coutts, Davidson, Treacey, King and St Ledger. Nothing as mentioned about the inability to defend or how the team has fallen in less than twelve months from a stable mid-table team to one that is destined for relegation. Every club gets injuries. We all know Preston have a small squad. Even with a fully fit squad we would still be in the bottom three due to the defensive deficiencies of the side. There are two options, continue as we are and get relegated or grow some balls and make a decision - bring players in or get rid of the inadequate coaching staff.