Queiroz plays down Deco spat

19 June 2010 11:32
Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz has played down talk of dressing room unrest following a spat with Deco. The Chelsea midfielder was reported to have been involved in a heated exchange with Queiroz following Tuesday's goalless draw with Ivory Coast in their World Cup opener. Speaking ahead of Monday's second game against North Korea, Queiroz explained: "The most important thing was to ensure that, after Deco's comments, serenity was maintained, that confidence was absolute. "People know we are here to work with a single objective which is to serve the national team and do the best for this team. "Sometimes mistakes happen. There is no problem in the atmosphere of the team. It is something that is buried and completely in the past. "I've made mistakes, even on television, after a qualifying match for the World Cup. We all sometimes commit verbal excesses, either for emotional reasons, or for reasons of context. "It is necessary to trust and believe in people. The player himself expressed what he felt, he told everyone what he thought. "We have to trust what he said, as I trust him, as he trusts me, as players trust Deco and as they all trust each other. "The players work every day for a cause, which is to serve well the national team."

Source: ESA