Whittingham Joins Crawley

13 December 2013 04:34
Former Pompey manager joins new Pompey manager's former club.

Guy Whittingham has been appointed as Crawley's first-team coach and will work with former manager John Gregory.

It is good to see that the Pompey cult hero has managed to get a new job so quickly. It's also bizarre that he would join the club that our new manager was dismissed from and no doubt the cynical conspriacy theorists will come up with some silly stories about how Pompey and Crawley's moves for each other's managers are connected.

But I'm sure the vast majority of Portsmouth fans will wish Corporal Punishment well in his new role at the Red Devils as he was never going to return to the club he managed in his old role as a coach, despite reports suggesting that a deal was on the table for him to return.

Good luck, Guy. 

Source: Fratton Faithful