What Did You Do Today?

22 December 2012 08:56
Rain ruins Saturday.

Usually a Pompey fan's Saturday would be spent either going to a football ground or listening to the radio for a couple of hours to follow the fortunes of Portsmouth FC.

So, when the match at Hartlepool was predictably called off many Pompey fans would have planned to do something else probably more productive and less painful than watching or listening to the game.

What did you do? Perhaps you took to the streets to finish your Christmas shopping? Maybe you decided to wrap all those presents you've bought? Or you may well have decided just to have a nice lie in your nice warm bed and get up at a sensible time today.

What did I do? I was woken up by my alarm at 4:30am, out of the door for 5am where I proceeded to get drenched on my way to and from Fratton station to Fratton Park where the coach left for Hartlepool at 6am.

.only be turned back around the Northampton area at 9:05 when the match was officially postponed - a decision that shocked absolutely nobody. The only shock was that we had to wait until 9am for a pitch inspection when it seemed clear to everyone the night before that there was no chance of the match going ahead.

I eventually arrived back in Portsmouth at 11:30am cold and wet, but at least we hadn't lost! Well, you have to look on the positive side when things aren't going well!

Now there is the dilemma of rearranging the fixture. There was a suggestion that the game could be played on the weekend of the third round of the FA Cup with both teams out of the competition.

However, Pompey take on Walsall live on Sky that weekend so that isn't a possibility. Therefore it seems like the only option is to rearrange the game for a midweek night game.

Oh, I cannot wait.

Source: Fratton Faithful