Wake Up Pompey

22 December 2011 10:06
Mourners forced to pay more than £1,500 to honour club legend Phillips.

The officials at Portsmouth FC have dropped another PR clanger after it was confirmed by news reports today that the family of Pompey legend Len Phillips would have to pay over £1,500 to hold his wake at Fratton Park.

Whilst the club might be defended for not giving their services free of charge when it is cash-strapped, to quote such an extortionate figure is disgraceful, especially when Moneyfields FC hosted the event for free after Len's family baulked at Pompey's asking price.

This was a perfect opportunity for people at the club to get some positive media attention for once. Portsmouth Football Club is like an old man on his death bed, bleeding from all the wounds he has suffered in recent times. This was a chance to place a plaster over one of those cuts but instead they have poured a tablespoon of salt into that wound and hurt the poor fellow even further.

When will the people responsible learn? PFC has been pathetically run in the past and this is another shining example of how not to run a football club. It's shameful and a man of Len's stature deserved far better.


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