The Opposition View: Cheltenham Town

06 September 2013 03:35
Robins fan Chris Houlton answers some questions ahead of Saturday's match.

Would it be safe to say that Cheltenham have had a disappointing start to the season? 

Yes very much so. THere is a growing sense of anger and disappointment in and outside the club with the poor start we have made.How much have you misssed Marlon Pack since his departure to Bristol City?

Actually not that much, the problem has been the defence and our play down the flanks.How is Steve Cotterill regarded in Cheltenham?  

Still a hero here, the best manager in our history.Who are the Cheltenham players that have impressed you this season so far? 

Matt Richards, Scott Brown and Terry Gornell.Are there any players in the Pompey team that you are wary of?  

I'm very happy David Connolly is banned, not too sure I know any other Pompey players now after all the changes you've been through in recent times!What is there to do around Whaddon Road for the early arriver on Saturday? 

Whaddon is a working class area so there isn't much to do, the town centre has plenty of pubs and good shopping for ladies.Many sides in League Two are criticised for playing "Route One" football. What style of football do Cheltenham play and what kind of match are you expecting this weekend? 

We definitely do not play route one football which is possibly one of the reasons we are struggling. It's going to be a tight game.Predict the outcome of the game.

It'll be a 1-1 draw.

Source: Fratton Faithful