The Opposition View: Carlisle

23 August 2012 11:38
An interview with Cumbrian Dave Jackson.

What are your expectations for the season and do you expect your club to do any more business in the transfer market?

Expectations have changed drastically over the recent week. Some poor performances, our best player by a long way being injured and out for 1-3 months, the player we cannot cope without, a hevy defeat at our first home game and fans grumbling en masse.

It has not been a positive start, players who left have not been replaced so we are currently weaker than we were last season, but the Miller injury is the big killer.

Mid-table with no threat of relegation is probably best we can hope for in my own view at present. We have signed a guy this week, i expect us to sign one maybe two more, probably all in the attack department (either midfield/wing/strikers) as we lack any quality there.Carlisle have not had the best start to the campaign, being beaten 3-0 at home by Tranmere. What happened?

A mixture of a couple of things, Miller being injured was the big blow as we don't know how to play without him in the side, our whole play goes through him so we're in serious trouble when he is out and Abbott has yet to find a way to play without him.

In fairness the 3-0 scoreline was down to three stunning goals, but we don't look like creating chances, let alone score which is a big worry.Having had some bad owners in the past, how happy are you with the way your club is run nowadays.

It's ok at present, but times are hard, in a way at least we're one of the few clubs left run by local businessmen who have been fans for years and want the best for the club.

But they have no money and we're a bit stuck because people know the club is going no where now and thus crowds are down, we got nearly 8,000 vs Canvey Island in the conference 7 years ago, now two leagues higher we will be lucky to get 5,000 vs yourselves who were in the Premier League a couple of years ago.

That says alot as to where our big off field problems lie at moment, a lack of belief in the club from the fanbase means we're not able to attract people down, finding out the hard way it is not league or opposition draw in fans, it's that belief your going to be able to do well brings them in.Who are Carlisle's key players likely to be in the match on Saturday?

Alot may well depend on the new guy Jarvis who has came in from Birmingham, Noble in midfield getting back to some sort of form and Chantler who I expect in on saturday to deliver us a bit of energy and commitment.What are the biggest weaknesses in your team that Pompey could exploit?

Our attack, it's dreadful, we lack skill, we lack strength on the ball, cannot win headers, cannot hold up ball, cannot beat men and so it's very, very basic attacks, one goal may be enough if you can defend well enough as we won't break it down.What do you think of this current Pompey team? Do you think it will do well in League One if it can be kept together? 

To be fair I've not taken much notice, team wise i usually only look at Carlisle's apart from when I am moaning about overspending. I'd imagine you'll end up ok, it'll all depend on how quick you get taken over and able to settle, even if you ran into budget you get a 12-15,000 budget others run at 3-4,000 and therefore you should end up getting a team good enough to survive, won't be much more than that this season though.What sort of match are you expecting given Carlisle's style of play?

We have the best pitch in League One and did last season have one of the best midfield, usually play that 4-5-1/4-3-3 type formation where it'll be passed about all day, but after Tuesday I expect it to change so I cannot tell you how we'll play, probably be more along the ground as we have no height in the side.Predict the outcome of the game.

I think we may well lose the game, but just by a goal, say 1-0 Portsmouth. We're just a bit of a mess at present and need some time to sort it out and get it together.


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