The Opposition View: Carlisle United

14 February 2013 11:37
Dave Jackson on the Cumbrians' fortunes this season.

How disappointed are you with this season and do you consider Carlisle to still be in the relegation dogfight?

We've been very poor this season, partially through bad luck (losing our best player for 6 months is a killer with a limited budget), partially through bad management and partially through a horrendous defence.

We are fortunate in respect we still have a strong enough squad to be safe but financial worries are bigger for us, a good 1,000 plus below expected support and we're losing some money.

What you think of the manager after such a poor season? Is he solely to blame?

He'll split the fanbase, on one hand I feel sorry for him. He has one of the smaller budgets in league, he lost his best player for the first half of season, he had a few numerous injuries all season and never been able to settle the team.

On other hand he hasn't sorted obvious problems (weak full backs and a total reliance on Lee Miller) which contribute. I want a change but mostly as I think he's been here about 5 years, it's going stale we need a fresh start. He'll do ok elsewhere.

Who are the key men in this current Carlisle side?

Not many I can think of, Robson has done well, but he's now stuck at left back where he's rubbish, Miller is our key player but hasn't been good since return, it's more a team game, they do well together or bad together.

You mentioned your awful attack as the main weakness of your team last time. Is that still the biggest problem or have others reared their ugly head?

Other way around now! Awful defence, we leak 2 or 3 goals per game and you just cannot do that and hope to push on. We had thought it was sorted, but it's gone poor again.

Pompey have a completely different team to the side that were beaten at Brunton Park. Do you recognise any of the names and do any particularly worry you?

I dont really know the Portsmouth team now, I dont keep track of other sides on whole.

What did you make of Jake Jervis during his time in Cumbria?

He did ok in respect of goals ratio, but he didn't contribute much else, he scores but don't expect him to create or do other aspects of the game.

Given Pompey's dreadful form, surely you will be expecting a win at on Saturday?

Carlisle have a bad reputation in past of allowing a side their first win in ages. I remember Chris Waddle's Burnley couldn't buy a win until we came along, I remember a Leyton Orient side who could never win away but beat us at Brunton Park, I remember an Oldham side unable to win at home beat us at their place.

Granted, I'm am sure others will have them worries, but we at Carlisle do usually worry about it. We should win though and expect to win.

What kind of match are you expecting at Fratton Park? Will we all be bored to tears?

It'll be bland, we are a side good with the ball, but have no energy, lack speed, lack skill and we're very workmanlike and basic in our approach, so isn't going to be good in the skill department.

But on other side of things our defence is crap and your defence is crap so there should be alot of chances.

Predict the result of the match.

2-2 draw.

Source: Fratton Faithful


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