The Fratton Faithful Awards 2012

08 May 2012 07:27
Time to pick the absolute best and worst of the season just gone.

The 2011/2012 season will go down as one of the worst in Pompey's history, but it did have some high points (as well as some miserable lows too!) and now's your chance to vote for the best and worst of them.

If you're a messageboard user then you can use the topic to cast your votes there, if not then there is a "form" you can copy and send directly to me via the "EMail the site editor" link at the bottom right corner of this page.When voting, you can only vote for ONE player/match/moment and please make it clear exactly who or what you are voting for. For example, when voting for a specific match, please remember to include whether it was the home or away fixture!Here are the eight categories and my thoughts on each just to jog your memory or to help influence your vote. You don't have to vote on every category if you don't wish to do so.

Player Of The Season

Jason Pearce scooped most of the supporters' clubs POTS awards and is a strong candidate for this one too. I still believe Stephen Henderson would have been the strongest contender had he stayed at Fratton Park and maybe one or two of Appy's loanees might be considered for your vote too.

Worst Player Of The Season

There are bound to be loads of nominees for this award it would be difficult to go through them all.

Dave Kitson won no friends for his appaling goalscoring ratio, Benjani's return was a disaster, Luke Varney was too inconsistent and spent half the season injured etc. This should be a tight one!

Goal Of The Season

The three that instantly come to mind are the two stunners at St. Mary's and Erik Huseklepp's injury time winner against Blackpool at Fratton Park. Some of you with better memories may remember an even better strike or team goal, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't one of the aforementioned three that won this award.

Best Performance Of The Season

The regular Fratton Park goers will be quick to point out the 4-1 victory over ten man Birmingham and an easy 2-0 win over Hull as the best performances of the season, though I particularly enjoyed the wins over Watford and Reading too.

For those who follow Pompey away the 3-0 thrashing of Peterborough will take some beating, though getting a draw at Southampton when we looked dead and buried and the epic 4-3 comeback at Doncaster may pick up a few votes too.

Worst Performance Of The Season

Oh boy, there are countless candidates for this one. At home, feeble defeats to Ipswich and Millwall were dire whilst the 5-1 thrashing by Burnley redefined the word "capitulation".

But Pompey probably saved their absolute worst for their away travels. Losing 1-0 at Hull without a shot on target was unforgiveable but it is challenged by the 3-1 surrender at Derby and 'Appy's first game in charge where Watford were a goal up in the first minute before winning 2-0 with ease.

Pompey fans also found themselves leaving Leeds, Brighton and Coventry glum faced having watched their side barely turn up before being sent packing.

Highlight Of The Season

Few and far between, but Norris' equaliser against Saints was something to savour and perhaps in retrospect, Michael Appleton's appointment could also be seen as a major positive if you believe he is central to rebuidling Portsmouth Football Club.

On a personal note, I really enjoyed the terraces at Peterborough and the 3-0 win that went with it. As a younger fan, it was a unique experience for someone who is used to having to stand away from his seats at every other game. I'm looking forward to more terracing next season!

Lowlight Of The Season

The announcement of going into administration (again) was extremely hard to take as was seeing our best players leave on loan just to pay the bills in order to stop the club being wound up.

If we're talking about events on the pitch, then the 5-1 hammering by Burnley is up there although losing 3-2 at Cardiff in the last minute of stoppage time was devastating.

Comedy Moment Of The Season

Although it has been a depressing season there have been a few laughs along the way. The old lady who put her hand out for the first bus in the bubble to stop got plenty of giggles, in fact the whole experience was rather fun with the "Scummers" welcoming us into their slums.

If you were at the City Ground for the final game of the season, then the whole experience was a barrel of laughs from playing "keep ball" to the daft songs to cheering Forest's goals.