The Farce Continues

21 February 2013 04:57
Still no definitive date set for Fratton Park valuation hearing.

So, after all the ajournments and politics between the various parties involved in the sorry saga that is Portsmouth Football Club's future, the high court hearing today did not deliver a certain date for when the actual important hearing will take place.

The best we have at the moment is "definitely before April 19th" but it is expected that an official date will be announced within the next few days.

Hopefully the case will be fast-tracked to take place in the next couple of weeks because any hearing in April will mean that Pompey's points deduction will carry forward to next season in League Two, barring some miracle that the club can avoid relegation on merit this season.

There were nerves earlier in the morning when PKF seeked clarification regarding the Football League's stance over the Trust's "only preferred bidder" status as there was supposedly some "correspondence" between them and Portpin which suggested otherwise.

Why Balram Chainrai and co. would be interested in a supposed bid from Keith Harris which is "not linked to Portpin in any way" is anyone's guess.

And by "anyone's guess" I mean that it's fairly obvious that Portpin were involved with Harris' bid and that is the primary reason why the Football League are politely telling them to piss off.

The Football League have yet again re-iterated their "Trust or bust" stance and therefore this deal can now surely be done without Portpin, any of Chainrai's puppets or PKF getting in the way.

This farce has gone on too long. It's about time that it was ended once and for all.

Source: Fratton Faithful