Storrie voices Pompey anger

15 May 2008 01:36
Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie has angrily slammed rumours that manager Harry Redknapp was considering quitting the club straight after the FA Cup final against Cardiff City. Redknapp himself has already rubbished the speculation in the morning papers and Storrie has added his own strongly-worded denial. He told the Portsmouth News: "It's an unbelievable load of rubbish, complete and utter make-believe. "I can assure the fans that Harry is going absolutely nowhere. He has signed a long-term contract with the club and remains totally committed. "Somebody rang us about these stories on Wednesday night and I spoke to Harry about it. He is fuming, he really is. It's a joke, total rubbish. "You just wonder whether these people have an agenda because it's doing us no good. We are about to play the FA Cup final and people are coming out with this. It's hardly helping things. We don't need this at this moment. "People should not believe any of it. It is complete and utter nonsense. "Where these silly stories come from I have no idea. They are nonsense, just nonsense. Harry is furious about this, we all are. It's a load of rubbish."

Source: ESA