Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

12 December 2011 09:42
Wealthy Pozzo family linked with Pompey takeover.

According to the ever-reliable source that is The People, Portsmouth FC is being eyed up by the wealthy Pozzo family, who currently own Italian side Udinese.

The report claims that the family will decide early next year whether to invest in the club, pending on the outcome of the FA's decision whether to inflict Pompey with a points deduction or not.

There is supposedly an option for the Pozzo's to be shareholders in Portsmouth FC with Giampolo Pozzo also having an interest in Spanish sides Granada, Cadiz and Tenerife, having owned Udinese since 1986.

I don't believe there to be any real truth to this story simply because it is my understanding that nobody can buy or invest in an English football club if they have an interest in any other football club.

Therefore there is surely no way that the FA or the Football League will grant the Pozzo family permission to invest in Pompey as they seem to have their fingers in so many pies already.

The People may have been more on the money (excuse the pun) with their report from a week earlier which claimed that Pompey officials intend to hire a "super agent" to deal with a fire sale of players in January to raise money to keep the club afloat whilst Chainrai and co. look for another buyer.

But will someone want to buy a club that is already millions in debt and is selling all its star players? I don't think so.


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