Rocha Agrees Return

24 July 2013 07:13
But will Pompey have the money to sign him?

Ricardo Rocha has agreed to sign a new one-year contract with Portsmouth and his signature is now down to whether the club has the budget to sign him or not.

The same can be said about the "mystery midfielder" that Guy Whittingham has been attempting to sign for a while. Pompey fans have been trying to guess his identity using the clues they have been given. Supposedly, he is a box-to-box midfielder who played for a League One club last season and has Premier League experience.

Having trawled through the list of players released by League One clubs this summer, it's difficult to see who exactly fits that criteria. Personally, I think this may be a red herring thrown out by the Pompey PR machine to throw other suitors off the scent.

On the subject of Rocha, should he sign then he would be a good addition to the squad. His experience and organisational skills should be valuable qualities to have at the back although he wouldn't solve the problem of the lack of pace at the heart of the Pompey defence.

Rocha will be one of few players to represent Portsmouth at every level of English league football and could make an appearance along with "mystery midfielder" against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday.

That's if the club has the money to sign them, of course. 

Source: Fratton Faithful