Pompey Plan Tesco Development

27 June 2013 04:14
Fancy some shopping at Fratton Park?

Pompey have announced plans to build a Tesco superstore behind the Fratton End at Fratton Park as part of a regeneration scheme.

Stuart Robinson purchased the land as part of the Portsmouth Supporters' Turst takeover and no secret was made of his wishes to develop a supermarket on the land, even if it meant ending the previous activities that took place in the car park.

In theory, the money the club will receive from this deal will be used to improve the facilities at Fratton Park whilst a feasibility study will take place during the next year to look at finally redeveloping the stadium.

Perhaps the original plan of rotating the pitch by 90 degrees and building the new North Stand and Milton End will finally come to fruitition? To think that if Sacha Gaydamak didn't have his ridiculous plan of a harbourside stadium then the original plan would have been executed long ago!

For the time being, the immediate benefits of this deal are said to be car and coach parking on land behind the North Stand via Anson Road with dedicated areas for TV vehicles and journalists, additional walkways to the stadium through Anson Road and Fratton way and also improved facilities for disabled fans.

The plans are yet to be approved and fans will have the chance to air their views in the Victory Bar on Friday, July 5th (10am-6pm) and Saturday, July 6th (10am-3pm). How would you feel about a new Tesco being built right next to the ground?

If these plans get the green light then who knows? Perhaps, we may actually finally see some progress being made on a new stadium. Every little helps, after all. 

Source: Fratton Faithful