Pompey Not Saved Yet

11 August 2012 06:12
The brinkmanship continues.

Portsmouth Football Club may still go under after Balram Chainrai has threatened to walk away from a takeover deal because of a dispute over PKF's administration fees.

The players have all been forced to reach compromise deals for Portpin to take over and it now seems like Chainrai wants Trevor Birch and co. to do the same.

Birch has responded by telling The News that he doesn't wish to conduct negotiations through the media and won't be making comments until the situation is resolved. That could be seen as hypocritical, given Birch's own brinkmanship tactics and calling players to "do the right thing" via the media.

Should Chainrai take over, the club will be run on the tiniest of minimalist regimes. A deal was agreed for Liam Lawrence to extend his contract and take a massive wage cut, only for Portpin to block the offer. Hence, the Irish midfielder having to agree a compromise deal which sees him lose over £1 million.

Michael Appleton has also made comments on how "the goalposts have moved" and how he will not be able to sign the players he wants, despite having assurances back in May that he would be able to do so.

Therefore, the situation continues to be depressing but apathy rules and you will find a fair few Pompey fans simply do not care any more and those that do are going to be forced to suffer even further.