No Points Deduction For Pompey

30 May 2012 09:02
But the club still may run out of money soon.

It might be old news now but Trevor Birch has made a statement which says that the Football League has assured him that Portsmouth won't face a points deduction even if the club remains in administration.

For this to have happened, Birch must have assured them that Pompey would have enough money to fulfil their obligations to the Football League. Translated; Balram Chainrai is on the verge of taking over Portsmouth Football club once again.

The Trust may well produce a counterbid but in all likelihood, for all of their efforts, they will be trumped by the man who is centrally responsible for the demise of our football club.

However, a spanner has been thrown into the works as reports today state that David Lampitt, John Redgate and Nick Byrom have made claims as football creditors to the Football League on monies owed, meaning Pompey will have to give them 100% of what they are owed.

As a result of these claims, the Football League have witheld payment of monies to Pompey that are required to keep the club going now.

Lampitt certainly has some cheek to claim anything given how his incompetnce and his terrible overseeing of events at Pompey played a significant part in the fall of the club we all support and his recent appointment at Supporters Direct is also a joke.

Tal Ben-Haim hasn't helped matters by refusing to take a pay cut or any sort of deal to leave as he enters the final year of his contract.

Birch surely now has a major headache to try and resolve these issues quickly before the cash runs out, which could mean Portpin take over faster than expected in order to save their "investment".

It's all pretty depressing stuff really, isn't it? When, oh when will we actually get some positive news for a change!?