Money Matters

01 June 2012 05:47
News on season tickets and more contractual disputes.

The month ahead is going to be a very important one in shaping the short term future of Portsmouth Football Club.

Firstly, the season ticket and matchday prices have been revealed for the 2012/2013 season. Personally, I think the prices are reasonable-ish in general.

Existing season ticket holders have got a pretty good deal at £299 for adults for 23 games. Looking at the kids' prices I think now is a better time than ever to get your children involved in supporting the club at Fratton Park at a knockdown price. They are Pompey's future after all.

I'm not too sure that we'll get many new season ticket holders. At £15-per-game for an early bird and £17.35-per-game for later buyers I can see many people preferring to pick and choose their games at £20 a ticket without having to make the commitment.

Whilst the family section does offer a small discount, I've heard that it is the worst part of the ground to watch the game in since the corporate extension was added to the South Stand.

I still feel £20 for a ticket is too much for the casual fan/matchday goer who might be put off by handing over a score to watch Pompey vs Yeovil on a cold Tuesday night.

However, I believe that the prices are "competitive" for League One football given how much some clubs such as Leyton Orient charge.

Moving on to more off-the-pitch news and Kanu's agent has today stated that the Nigerian wants his contract to be paid out in full if he is to leave Pompey.

It must be stressed that these are the words of Pini Zahavi, so make your own judgements there but the news won't be good for Trevor Birch who also has to deal with Tal Ben-Haim's alleged £2 million demands to get him off the payroll.

That is slightly different to the reported £300,000 Kanu seems to be demanding to be released but I still personally believe that King can offer something to Pompey at their level of football simply because his football brain is capable of knowing how to take defenders out of an attack with a single movement of his boot.

Unfortunately, Appy doesn't seem to want him here due to his lack of fitness which is fair cop. I just hope an agreement can be reached soon before the money runs out.