Hughes And Brown Set For Automatic Contract Renewal

12 December 2010 06:46
Which means they won't play for Pompey unless terms are re-negotiated. Michael Brown and Richard Hughes will automatically have their contracts renewed if they make another appearance for Portsmouth, meaning they will stay on the wages they are currently earning.That doesn't fit in with Pompey's current cashflow plan and so neither Brown or Hughes, who wasn't even on the bench yesterday, can make another appearance for the club whether it be in the starting line-up or as a substitute.I'm not too worried about Hughes leaving because although he works hard he doesn't have any outstanding qualities that would be useful to a team looking to push for promotion.So, as loyal a servant as he has been to the club, I wouldn't be surprised to see him cast off in a bid to reduce the wage bill come January. I don't think too many fans would be disappointed to see him leave, in all honesty.Brown is a different matter because he has been a key player so far this season and has shown a more attacking side to his game, something which Hughes is incapable of.If he was to leave (and providing Hughes also leaves), then that would leave Pompey with Hayden Mullins as the only recognised central midfielder at the club.In theory, Liam Lawrence could play in the centre but then there would be nobody to play on the right whilst Kanu could do a job in midfield but there is no way he can play in the centre of the park for 90 minutes.Therefore it is essential that a compromise between Michael Brown and Portsmouth FC can be reached which allows him to play without the club having to pay him more than they think he is worth. But would Brown agree to waiver the clause in his contract?Thank you for yet another shrewd piece of contract negotiation there, Peter Storrie. Even though you are gone, your legacy still remains.