Has The King Been Dethroned?

10 July 2012 10:09
Just where on Earth is Kanu?

Nwankwo Kanu hasn't shown up for pre-season training once again, and nobody seems to know where he is.

The search for the 35-year-old has swept Pompey messageboards, facebook and twitter as former players have stated that they haven't seen him in their area.

Michael Appleton has stated he will administer a severe punishment to the Nigerian who has effectively breached his contract and therefore the club could have grounds to sack him because of this.

Whilst there may be legal implications if this action is taken, Trevor Birch and co. may well think about doing that because of the reported £300,000 payment the player (who is barely used anymore) is demanding for his release, a sum that the club simply can't afford.

On a personal note, I think it is sad that such a popular figure at Portsmouth has the gall to do this to the club yet again.

Kanu is one of the most skilful players I have ever seen play at Fratton Park despite his lack of pace and has scored some very important goals for us, including those two Wembley winners.

He could have departed Pompey a hero this summer but this latest saga has left a sour taste in the mouth.

Yes, there is always the argument that he is entitled to his large payoff but to hold the club and possibly its survival at ransom as other people at the club have lost their jobs is certainly morally questionable.

I'm sure some of you are thinking that Kanu is simply an employee and he has no obligation to negotiate a smaller payout out of loyalty to the club.

However, Portsmouth FC revived a flailing career that looked like it might be over after the failure at West Bromwich Albion and has been charitable enough to host its "Friends of Kanu" charity matches.

The man himself has said many a time that he has taken Pompey to heart and so if that's true then why not do us a favour and save the club some money and leave with legacy in tact?

Instead, by not showing up for pre-season training there may be some fans who have supported his causes in the past that may think different of him now. No longer a legend but more like a leech, perhaps?

Of course, he may genuinely be missing! Have you seen him?