Harry no England 'traitor'

25 November 2007 11:00
Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp claimed he would feel 'like a traitor' if he turned down the England job. Redknapp is one of the leading domestic frontrunners to fill the England head coach role following the sacking of Steve McClaren on Thursday after his side failed to qualify for Euro 2008. And speaking after Saturday's 2-0 victory over Birmingham City, the experienced Pompey coach hinted he would be interested in the post despite several other English candidates already ruling themselves out of the running. "If you are an Englishman and a Premier League manager and the FA come along and offers you the job, I don't think anyone is going to say no," he said. "People may rule themselves out because they don't think they are going to get the job. "We could all say 'no, we are not interested'. But if the FA come knocking on anyone's door how could you reject the chance? "You go into football and to manage in the Premier League is a dream. To manage your country is an even greater dream. "We all want to stay loyal to our clubs, but you would almost have to be a traitor to turn it down. "Of course there is some hassle with the job but there is hassle in everything in life. "I just hope they get the right person and there are loads of good people around who would jump at the job."

Source: ESA