Harry dismisses exit talk

15 May 2008 08:48
Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp has dismissed reports that he is considering quitting the club after their FA Cup final against Cardiff City. Several morning press reports had suggested that the 61-year-old was pondering an exit from the game, but Redknapp says that that is not the case. He told The Sun: "You're as old as you feel and Sir Alex Ferguson must be feeling bloody brilliant. He's a lesson to us all. "I want to go on as long as him and I don't see why I can't. I still love the game as much as ever. I've got a good team, good players and thoroughly enjoy working at this club. "I can't see myself ever leaving Portsmouth, not now. It would be nice to put on a performance in the final, but it's more important to win. "In ten years' time they'll only remember who won it, not how they played."

Source: ESA