Court Case Adjourned Again

14 December 2012 04:48
More frustration for Pompey fans as new hearing set for January 15th.

After a short time in court today, Mr Justice Sales adjourned Pompey's court case again with the new hearing to take place on Tuesday, January 15th.

PKF requested the adjournment and whilst there has been no official reason as to why they wanted a delay there is a suggestion that Trevor Birch and co. have overlooked Portpin's "floating charge" on Fratton Park which amounts to around £2 million.

If this is the case, then it could go some way to explaining why property developer Stuart Robinson's position on the takeover is now "uncertain".

Whatever the reason is, judging by fans' reaction the Portsmouth Supporters Trust has lost a fair bit of credibility and the statement released by them has not told the fans anything.

Given that the Trust's mission statement suggests that they want to be transparent, now would be the perfect time to let the fans know exactly what is going on if they are in a position to do so.

The only real good news from my point of view is that the judge threw out Portpin's request to appoint their own administrator so they could take the club over themselves.

However, there still lies much uncertainty with this whole situation despite what some people say and hopefully there will be a favourable resolution next month.

Source: Fratton Faithful