Awford Returns To The Academy

01 May 2013 08:26
Whittingham to search for a new number two.

Andy Awford has turned down the chance to continue as Guy Whittingham's assistant and will return to his previous role as academy manager.

The news will be somewhat surprising to some Pompey fans given how successful Guy and Andy were as a partnership but at least the academy will receive the attention it deserves with Awfs back at the helm.

Given how the likes of Dan Butler and Jed Wallace have developed this season, it is clear to see the impact that Andy has had since he first took the role and hopefully his academy will continue to produce the young talent, if only to raise more cash for the club in the long term.

With Awford stepping down, it's now up to Guy Whittingham to decide who he wants to be his assistant for next season. Will he choose someone who knows Portsmouth Football Club well or perhaps he will prefer an individual who knows League Two inside-out?

A certain Jose Mourinho wants to go somewhere he is loved when he inevitably leaves Real Madrid at the end of this season. I'm sure Pompey fans could take to him very quickly!

Source: Fratton Faithful