Investor sees Valiants potential

29 April 2009 04:11
Essex-based property company Harlequin are mulling over a £500,000 investment which would see them buy £340,000 worth of shares to become Port Vale's biggest shareholder and loan the club a further £160,000. Hull were playing in League Two in 2003/2004 before earning promotion to the Premier League last season and Harlequin chairman Dave Ames believes he can help guide the Valiants to a similar rise. "When I first came here last year to meet Bill Bratt I was really impressed with the club," Ames told the Sentinel. "The great thing about Vale is they have everything going for them. Everybody here is passionate about the club, and if I was involved I would not take that away from them. "I would make sure the club had the opportunities to move forward. To me, Vale should not be in League Two. This is a Championship club. If Hull City can do it in the Premier League then so can Port Vale. We've got to have the right formula, and I think we could put that in place."

Source: Team_Talk