Bullet holes in Vale Park roof!

11 April 2011 09:15
Siege-like mentality? Or just a shooting practice gone wrong? What on earth is going on?!? There's tension a-plenty at Vale Park as the club enter their final handful of games desperate to have something to show for such a traumatic season.  Under Micky Adams they were cock'of'the'walk, hacking away at the top spot, awash with goals from the Richards twins (joke). Although Christmas found a Vale dip in form, nobody has any doubts that if Adams had stayed, Vale would be promoted.  The spirited win against Burton under Horsfield/Grew was not enough to tempt the board away from attempts to land a name manager.  Jim Gannon's 74 day reign has effectively nobbled Vale, and leaves them chasing the play-off spots. With the squad he inherited, plus the gift of Tom Pope, he can have no excuses for underachieving, particularly in such a spectacular way.  However, the same can be said for Mark Grew. He knows the club, the players, the job. He has the players, and let no man say they aren't up to the job, because they are; if deployed right.  But Grew needs all the help he can get, even voodoo. Was it coincidence that saw a dead pigeon left on top of the Bury dugout before the recent 0-0 draw? Probably. Look above the dugout and you will clearly see in the top of the stand a row of bullet holes. Not just 2 or 3, but dozens, almost like it's been turned into Swiss cheese by an AK47 machine gun.  One suspects it has more to do with the troublesome birds, than black & gold supporters having a pop at the board.  Bratt & co still breathe & walk this earth, playing hard-ball with protestors by offering competitive season ticket prices.  So, if it was a sharpshooter from the railway, he's a poor shot (another joke).