Poles have Podolski's conditional support

15 June 2012 02:17

Polish-born Germany forward Lukas Podolski has said he will be cheering on Poland in their bid to beat the Czech Republic on Saturday, but then hopes to knock them out of Euro 2012.

Poland take on the Czechs in Wroclaw, with Poland needing to win to reach the quarter-finals where they could potentially face Germany.

"From all the teams, I have watched Poland the most as they are closest to my heart and I want them to go through to the quarter-final stage," said Podolski.

"I saw the Poland v Russia game (which finished 1-1) and it was a superb fight, I will cross my fingers for them in the Czech Republic game.

"They could meet us in the quarter-finals, but that will be their final destination, unfortunately."

Source: AFP