Poland must 'stop the Russians' in face off

11 June 2012 11:16

Polish media called on the Poland side to "stop the Russians" in Tuesday's high-octane Group A clash in Warsaw which could decide the fate of the co-hosts in the tournament.

"The goal for tomorrow: stop the Russians," the centre-left daily Gazeta Wyborcza said Monday. "It's a battle for the result, for honour, for our place in history," it added.

"A decisive encounter," the daily Polska said. "Wake up! Russia or death!" the Wprost weekly chimed.

The tabloid Fakt gave selection advice to Smuda in its Monday headline, while the tabloid Super Express showed him in uniform, on horseback, clutching a sword, and called for "a second Miracle on the Vistula," a reference to an historic 1920 battle won by Poland against all odds against the Russians.

Source: AFP