Frugal fans can sleep rough in Poland

06 June 2012 03:40

Sleeping on benches or by the river is advice football fans who can't afford pricey hotels in Poland are hearing ahead of the championships, which kick off June 8 in Warsaw.

The campaign sprung up on social-networking site Facebook with the "Kibice spiom gdzie chcom" or "Fans sleep where they want" page, which has garnered over 12,500 "likes" since May 25.

Tips there on the best open-air crash pads include beaches and railway stations or benches under magnolia trees.

So far, city and public transport authorities are fans of the idea, but it has gotten a thumbs down from the Warsaw metro and Euro 2012 organisers.

"We wanted to appeal to city authorities and local residents to be open and understanding toward the fans," campaign co-organiser Katarzyna Tyska told AFP.

Source: AFP