Euro 2012 hosts unveil double-currency jigsaw coin

31 May 2012 03:12

Euro 2012 co-hosts Poland and Ukraine are to issue a special commemorative double-currency coin to mark the European football championships, Poland's central bank (NBP) said Thursday.

"Juxtaposed here are two silver halves, with respective face values of 10 Polish zloty (2.3 euro, $2.8) and 10 Ukrainian hryvnia (1 euro, $1.2), that together form one unique coin that is without global precedent," the NBP said in a statement.

The NBP unveiled the limited-edition bi-national design on Thursday along with several other Polish coins ahead of the football showcase that kicks off June 8.

The NBP will mint 5,000 of the round double-currency coins, which collectors can buy for 600 zloty each.

Source: AFP