515 held by Polish police since Euro 2012

19 June 2012 03:47

Polish police have detained more than 500 people , including over 150 foreigners, since the start of Euro 2012, the government said on Tuesday.

"There were a total of 515 individuals detained. The police were prepared for a much larger number," said Interior Minister Jacek Cichocki.

The 153 foreigners detained include 92 Russians, 16 Croats, 15 Irishmen, 11 Belarusians, five Latvians, three Romanians, two Spaniards, two Serbs, two Germans, one Indian, one Hungarian, one Australian, one Portuguese and one Dutch.

"Compared to the number of people who watched the matches, the number of individuals detained for incidents is really very minimal," Cichocki said.

Source: AFP