Holloway ready for Argyle return

14 July 2009 05:20
Former Plymouth boss Ian Holloway has said he is looking forward to returning to Home Park with Blackpool in 2010.Holloway is currently in North Devon with the Seasiders, competing in the Errea South West Cup. "Going back doesn't bother me, you either get the sack as a manager or you leave." he told BBC Radio Devon. "If Plymouth people want to be funny that's up to them. If I upset them that much, they must have cared about me a bit somewhere along the line." Blackpool beat Barnstaple 5-0 in the South West Cup on Monday evening, in what is Holloway's first visit back to Devon with another team since leaving the Pilgrims for Leicester in November 2007. "I left Plymouth with a very good team," said Holloway. "They've lost probably two-thirds of them, but at the end of the day they've pocketed a lot of money from that." Despite the bitter circumstances in which he departed, the former Pilgrims boss said his time in Plymouth still resonates strongly in his mind. "There's still a piece of me that will always belong there," he said. "Some of the things that we did together, some of the flights after beating Sunderland away from home 3-2, times like that in you're life, you'll never, ever forget." In reference to the recent takeover at Plymouth, Holloway said: "Sometimes in life things need to evolve and move on. "It's great for Plymouth at the moment. I feel for Paul Stapleton, he's done a fantastic job there, but they've got a new chairman and hopefully there'll be someone to take it on again. "A lot of clubs will look at Plymouth and see how they've done things and be green with envy and rightly so," he concluded.

Source: BBC_Sport