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Ferguson takes blame for Posh start

18 Sep 2009 13:14:00

Ferguson takes blame for Posh start

Ferguson revealed before the start of the campaign that he was aiming for the play-offs, but the club are still looking for their first win seven games into the season. "The football side of the club is 100% my responsibility," the Posh chief told the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. "Not the players', not the staff's, but mine and perhaps I have made a couple of mistakes by saying a bit too much publicly. "I had a long, hard think after the game at Leicester on Tuesday. I've looked at myself as well and the way I have managed the expectations here. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that the play-offs were the target. It is not that I don't believe we are capable of getting there, but I perhaps should have kept our aims for the season in-house. "I could have put a bit too much pressure on the players by saying those things. If it comes down to my inexperience as a manager, I hold my hands up."


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