Striker deal not dead - MacAnthony

17 March 2011 02:30
Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has admitted he may yet sell striker Craig Mackail-Smith - if Norwich up their offer. The Canaries are keen to land the prolific forward before the end of the season and MacAnthony is confident his side can still win promotion even without him. He told BBC Radio Peterborough: "Norwich came in strong for Craig last Friday, offering £1.5million straight up and then another £1million in add-ons that were not guaranteed. I rejected that bid as it was not right for the club and I discussed it with the manager and he agreed with me. "Craig's agent came on the phone demanding that we let him go. My view was that if Norwich wanted the country's most prolific, in-form striker to help them earn £80million in the Premier League next season then they should put their money where their mouth is and meet our valuation. "If £2million was offered straight up with a million pounds of guaranteed add-ons then Craig would be allowed to go. If we received that offer it would be a difficult decision to turn it down. "Norwich have been on the phone about 18 times since, but I don't think their offer has changed and I don't want to lose Craig until the end of the season. My manager believes we could still win promotion without him and we are not a one-man team. The money would be re-invested in the team, but we'd be foolish to believe we could sign a replacement straight away."

Source: PA