Posh not for sale - MacAnthony

12 November 2010 05:30
Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has issued an official statement insisting the London Road club is not for sale. MacAnthony`s no-nonsense response to speculation comes on the same day manager Gary Johnson has bolstered his squad with the signing of Reading full-back Marcus Williams on a one-month loan, while Posh pair Chris Whelpdale and Charlie Lee both signed similar deals with Gillingham. The statement said: "It would appear (subject to the internet rumour-mill) that my Yuletide Christmas present to our football club is to be a `For Sale' sign swinging serenely from the London Road entrance. "Now there are lots of of things that I have already done this week such as increasing our banking facility by a million pounds, taking two Championship players on loan and making sure to everyone at our football club that my dreams and aspirations are still `nailed-on'. That would suggest to anyone with brain cells that these insinuations couldn't be further from the truth. "My beloved Posh `IS NOT FOR SALE' at any price. Even if Sheik Rattle and Roll came along with multi-millions I would not be interested. End of."

Source: PA