MacAnthony - Fergie would have taken us up

05 May 2011 01:00
Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony is confident his side would have won automatic promotion this season if Darren Ferguson was in charge from the start. Ferguson returned for a second stint in charge in January and has secured a play-off place ahead of Saturday`s final game of the season against Dagenham. But MacAnthony said: "If we'd had Darren from the start of the season I'm sure we would have been challenging Brighton for the title. "It's a certainty we would not have lost so badly to Brighton and Charlton at home. We showed those teams far too much respect and played too timidly as a result. "Darren gives his players so much confidence they play without fear, especially the younger players which is why so many want to play for him. "He has an aura about him and the good thing is he's confident he will get the job done in the next couple of weeks."

Source: PA