Leonardo wins appeal against ban

15 October 2013 02:31

Former PSG sports director Leonardo has won his appeal against a 14-month football suspension in front of a court here on Tuesday.

"The administrative court has decided to suspend the measure," the Brazilian's lawyer Paul Mauriac told AFP.

The 1994 World Cup winner with Brazil was hit with the hefty ban after barging a referee in the tunnel following a Ligue 1 match at the end of last season.

He denied it was voluntary but was nevertheless hit with the lengthy ban, after which he left his post with the French champions.

"It's a great relief, he has regained his freedom of movement and can join any club or team. We haven't forgotten that he has already endured a five-month suspension," Mauriac said.

"Leonardo will speak later. He's happy, relieved, and conscious of having conducted a legitimate battle. His persistence was rewarded. It was a milestone."

Leonardo was originally banned for nine months after his shove on Alexandre Castro, which was caught on camera, following PSG's 1-1 draw at home to Valenciennes on May 5.

That was extended to 14 months after the Brazilian appealed to the French Football Federation (FFF).

The French National Olympic Committee then declared it was not the right body to judge on the case as Leonardo did not hold a licence with the French football authorities.

His lawyers had argued that because Leonardo did not hold a FFF licence he could not be sanctioned by the French football body.

Source: AFP