'I'm no stop gap for Wenger!' Capello turns down PSG

24 June 2013 09:22

Ex England boss Fabio Capello has angrily turned down approaches from from French champions PSG after discussing all that was on offer was the chance to keep the seat warm for a season until the club’s main target, Arsene Wenger, is free from his contractual obligations at Arsenal.

It’s thought that initially, Capello was quite amenable to the French club’s approaches, as he saw the opportunity to progress the club with the support of their wealthy backers. The opportunity to be a ‘one season wonder’ however left him a bit flat – and rather insulted. During negotiations, it apparently became clear that the only offer available was for the one term as PSG are hell-bent on securing Wenger as their main man. Unfortunately, as he has long professed, Wenger will not break his contract with the north London club, and so PSG need to fill the season long gap. This is not a realistic option for Capello, so he will stay with the Russian national team.

Over at the Emirates, Arsenal will be keen to persuade Wenger to sign another contract, and this may be a factor in the apparent loosening of the purse strings at the club. Many Gooners will have mixed feelings about whether Wenger should be allowed to leave, as his time may now be done. Others will however be sure to cling to the dream that he can bring the good times back to the club. Twelve months from now, will be a testing time for obth Arsenal and PSG as they battle for the services of the Frenchman.

Source: DSG