Olympiakos and the title that no fan wants

14 May 2013 10:11

Olympiakos FC are officially the Greek Cup Winners, however, there seems to be little, if any, happiness amongst the club's fans.

Someone who did not watch the match on Saturday evening could wonder why, but all those who did are positive this was the club's worst title. The fans and Press are still trying to figure out why the referee would be that favourable to a club that doesn't need any help.

The beginning of the match seemed very interesting for Asteras Tripolis that managed to score (13’ Rayos) first in their first appearance ever in the Greek Cup final. Olympiakos (42’ Fuster) scored soon after that leading to a tie. It was in the extra time of the match that another two goals were scored by Olympiakos (98’ Djebbour and 119’ Abdoun) making them the Cup winners for 2012-13.

Olympiakos, one of the biggest Greek clubs and one of the Champions League's regulars, are also the Greek Champions of this season. However, a penalty that was unjustifiably not given followed by numerous unreasonable referee decisions can make a fan wonder, has football changed at all?

It is only two years after the big match-fixing scandal in Greece and someone would only hope things would have improved. But as Rayos put it after the match ‘Some things are unbeatable’*.

* Rayos statement in a short interview after the match


Source: DSG

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