Vaughan to take over - no way!

05 June 2013 08:40
Lessons learned from Barrow and Chester

Ridiculous stories are abounding that Stephen Vaughan has publicly declared his intention to front a consortium to buy the Latics. He claims that talks are at a 'very advanced stage' and has suggested that they have been going on for months. He also indicates that he hopes to be in charge before the season commences.

He stated, “The owners of Oldham have made it clear that they are looking to sell and it is a club in the north that we want.” Mr Vaughan is banned from being a company director until 2020 but could claim a 30% shareholding. The rumour is just that - as Vaughan became the first person to fail the FA’s “fit and proper person test” four years ago. The man left bitter memories at both Barrow and Chester and, in the latter's case, Chester were expelled from the Conference and wound up in 2010 as a result of unpaid tax caused by this unfit person.

It is suggested that the stories are pure fabrication, just to create some interest in the club in the closed season. Other rumours suggest that it is a smoke screen to hide the identity of a consortium of 'proper and fit' persons who are currently in the process of negotiations.

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad