Royle gives his views

11 April 2010 06:49
Youth is the way forward Ex-Latics manager Joe Royle has given his views on the state of Athletic and believes that the way forward for the Latics is to give youth a chance. With finances for most clubs being in a perilous state he admits that home grown youth is the answer and mentioned the example of 20-year-old Dale Stephens from Bury and 19-year-old trainee Paul Black as a way of beating the financial problems of buying players.Royle said, “I am worried about the position the club is in, but Latics are not in a unique situation. The owners have pumped millions in to the club but it is very hard in football at this level. I was used to getting in players from the reserves at Manchester City, Leeds and Everton, and giving them a little bit more money to play here. You just can’t afford to do that any more because of the sums involved. For me, it was quite often two steps forward and one step back and players had to go before others were brought it. I made a transfer profit every year I was here." “I sold Tommy Wright, who was a massive influence for us, saved a lot of money and bought Rick Holden. We also sold on Mick Quinn — simply because we had to — and brought in Andy Ritchie instead. There were ins and outs every year. Now it is a case of scouring the bargain basement and I am sure Dave Penney is out looking at new players all the time. I think that clubs at this level will have to start doing what Crewe are famous for in concentrating on the grass roots to bring players through. And with that in mind it is good to see players like Dale Stephens and Paul Black getting games. Developing and bringing through young players like that may be the way forward.”


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