Philliskirk returns

02 September 2013 05:29
Dad - "It couldn't have worked out better than it did"

Danny Philliskirk, son of Latics Academy manager Tony Philliskirk, his worked his way back into Boundary Park and a new contract. The 22-year-old spent a summer on trial at Doncaster but it didn't work out as planned. The youngster make a glorious move to Chelsea as a 15-year-old and his dad was rightly proud of his achievements.Philliskirk senior said, “It couldn’t have worked out better than it did. He loves it here and the dynamics of the group are great for him. He is really enjoying the day-to-day work. He seems settled - which after Doncaster can’t have been easy. I am particularly proud of Danny after what he has put up with from Rovers. He was promised a deal every week for six weeks and he turned down contract offers from other clubs. Thankfully things turned out for the best - he is better off here.” Danny plans to move into an apartment with his girlfriend and was not particularly relishing the prospect of spending most of his time back near his mum and dad. He said, “I couldn’t move back home. I see myself in the number 10 role. I want to score goals, to play high up the pitch and make a difference. There are players who have been here for 10 weeks and I have been here for two. I can’t expect to just jump in. The strikers are doing well. All I can do is work hard in training, do my best and try to impress the manager and staff.”

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad