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20 June 2013 12:57
fans fearful of moving

Latics owner Simon Corney has admitted that Marwan Koukash has held talks over a possible purchase of Athletic. Koukash, who is 54, is a racehorse owner and he took over as Salford City Reds rugby boss earlier this year. Corney confessed that he would welcome selling the club to someone of the statute of Dr Koukash and always said that he would only sell to parties who would be good for Athletic. Corney said, “I had a meeting with Marwan four or five weeks ago. Nothing more came of it then, but I think Marwan is a fantastic guy and the sort of person a club like this needs. When it comes to his sport, he likes to makes things happen and gets things done.” Koukash had earlier stated, “There is a club I’m looking at which hopefully we will be able to secure within the next month or two. I’m not going to reveal which, but it will complement my interest in racing and rugby.

Latics fans have their reservations and only hope that IF the deal goes ahead there would be no chance of moving the club lock, stock and barrel to Salford which they would see as a devastating move, and possible end, for the club.

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad