Manager to be announced soon?

01 June 2010 03:16
TTA must get this one right Time is drawing closer as the Athletic board whittle down applicants for the vacant manager's chair at Boundary Park. All the interviews have now been completed, but the club are in no rush to announce a successor to deposed boss Dave Penney. This position must be seen to be right for all the stakeholders, owners, club and fans, after a succession of less than perfect appointments since The Three Amigo's took over the club. Alan Hardy commented, “We have seen everyone we want to see. The list has been whittled down to the final number of candidates for the post. We will meet up today for a chat about how to move forward. Obviously it’s a situation we are keen to resolve as soon as we can, but on the other hand, it’s not a decision you can rush.” Names that have been banded about include Martin Gray, Mark Crossley, Frankie Bunn, Lee Richardson, Jim Gannon, Nicky Butt and Paul Dickov and the fans have been left guessing as to who the final appointment will be. Everyone has their 'inside knowledge' as they attempt to predict the new manager and it is expected that they will not have to wait too long after Mr. Hardy announced that the deal will be finalised in 'early June.' Time will tell. It could always be none of the above!