Manager responds to criticism

14 November 2012 05:25
"There is a negativity that surrounds the club"

Latics manager Paul Dickov has had a pop back at the criticism and negativity currently surrounding Athletics plight. After a recent blast from owner Simon Corney, Dickov expressed his dismay and is concerned that his players don’t always get the credit they deserve.He said, “When we win games at Boundary Park, it is because the other team is poor, or they had somebody missing. When we lose, regardless of what game it is, people always want to jump on the bandwagon and say how poor we are. It would be nice when we win to get a bit of credit — because when we lose, I am the first one to take it on the chin."“There is a negativity that surrounds the club and it is not something that has been around only in the two years I have been here. It has been here for a while. This isn’t me having a dig at anybody. But it is easy when you have a defeat to pile on the bandwagon. When we win games, it is not always because the other team is poor. It is a negativity we try to keep away from the players. But it is hard, very hard. Sergio Aguero stole my thunder at Manchester City but they still talk about my goal from 13 years ago — when it is not about what happened 13 years ago, five years ago, or last season. It is about what is happening now. We believe we are trying to build something here, but it is hard to do that when there is negativity.”

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad