Latics aggrieved

27 November 2011 09:56
The ball was over the line

Athletic feel aggrieved at having what looked like a legitimate goal disallowed at Dean Court as the officials failed to sufficiently see the incident. Robbie Simpson scored what should have been the match winning goal and as the team and fans celebrated their hopes were dashed when the referee waved play on as he didn't see the ball cross over the line.

Simpson said, “It was definitely over the line without a doubt. I would put my mortgage on it. I don't know why it wasn't given. Somebody said the assistant's view was impaired, but the referee ought to have seen it as every player did. Everyone of our players ran off celebrating and most of their heads went down, though a couple played on and tried to get away with it which they did. I am gutted, especially in the week when they have been trialling goalline technology. Why weren't they here as we would have come away 1-0 winners? I am in favour goalline technology as it would only take a couple of seconds to replay the footage. With all the modern technology available, I cannot understand why it wasn't introduced years ago. You see it in cricket and tennis, but football seems to be standing still.”

“I didn't feel as sharp as I have done in recent weeks and it was one of my worst ones for some time. It was just a case of grafting through it. As soon as I got the ball, there was a midfielder in front of me as that is going to happen after I scored a hat trick the week before.”