Corney blames players

04 February 2013 06:02
Dickov was classy

Paul Dickov has walked away from Boundary Park. The decision was made after the 3-1 loss at Walsall and comes on the back of one of the most impressive victories ib the Latics' history, the 3-2 FA Cup win over Liverpool.

Owner Simon Corney has put the blame directly on Athletic’s players who he feels they have let their manager down. Corney explained, “Arguably, my best day involved with Latics was last week and a week later, I am parting company with the guy who gave me that day. I truly believe that Paul will go on to be a top manager, I really do. A combination of factors worked against him here." “I feel he has been let down by the players. The team that performed so well against Liverpool — where were they? I want to stay in this division. It is more important than beating Liverpool and I want to see effort from the players. I think they have a lot to answer for.” “Paul phoned me up and said it is just not fair to carry on, that he didn’t want to take the club any further down and that things were just not working out. How classy is that? I have had many managers depart, but none have acted with the dignity that Paul has shown.”

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad


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