Club to be sold?

20 September 2013 12:01
we will wait and see

Marway Koukash has again been linked with both of Oldham's major sporting clubs. The Salford Reds owner stated that he is capable of adding Athletic and Oldham Roughyeds to his sporting portfolio. In addition he also plans to build his own stadium.

He told the Manchester Evening News, “Why can I not take charge of three clubs? I know I can and I fully intend to. I have the ability to go and do this. It has been done before and I know can do it. Owning three clubs can work and they can all prosper – it’s not a problem. The talks I had with Chris Hamilton (Roughyeds) on Tuesday night were extremely productive. We still have a lot to do but I am very hopeful things will come off pretty soon.”

“I would like to reach a deal with both clubs and then look at building what would be a sporting destination in Oldham with a new stadium. This would not only be a focal point for rugby league and football but it could also house other sports such as basketball and netball. I know for a fact I can look after the interests of all three clubs and make them all a major force. I am now more of a facilitator as opposed to being the doer and I have a great team around me. The administration team around me is very good – successful in business – and they share my sporting vision. They are fully aware of what I am wanting to do for this region.’’ We will wait and see.

Source: Oldham Athletic Mad