Norwegian footballer headed for Guinness record

27 September 2011 02:05

A Norwegian first division side said Tuesday it plans to nominate a 57-metre headed goal by one of its midfielders, Jone Samuelsen, to the Guinness book of world records.

Samuelsen's feat occurred late in a match Sunday as his team, Odd Grenland, led opponents Tromsoe 2-1.

After Tromsoe's 'keeper moved up the pitch to take part in a corner kick, an Odd Grenland defender booted the ball down the pitch.

A Tromsoe player sent it back with a header, only to be met by Samuelsen, who from midfield headed it into an open goal as the goalkeeper rushed back towards the net.

After having police measure and verify the distance of the sensational goal, Odd Grenland manager Tore Andersen said: "According to our information, this is the longest distance ever recorded for a headed goal.]

"We have measured 57.3 metres (187 feet and 11'9 inches)."

Samuelsen meanwhile played down his accomplishment.

"I could say that I was trying to score, but that would not be true," Samuelsen told the NTB news agency.

"It was a punt, in fact, and I didn't see that the ball was going into the goal or that the Tromsoe goalkeeper was not there."

Source: AFP

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